Providence, RI

"Zox is a sophisticated quartet that delivers a vibrant, thinking man's brand of hook-laden and funky pop-rock. The simplicity that runs through the band's upbeat, rhythmic songs is offset by sterling violin work. This is energetic, good-time music.... On their CD Take Me Home, ZOX packs a lot of punch and energy into four-minute songs; in live settings the band is apt to go off on more improvisational tangents. Expect big things from these guys."
-Relix Magazine

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The Grafenberg All-Stars
Los Angeles, CA

The first full-length album of the eccentrically fresh hip-hop sounds of the Grafenberg All-Stars is available now for purchase! "G Marks the Spot" is a musical journey through different genres and styles, unified by the rapping of emcees Bushman (Sable) and VowelMovement (Batalion), as well as the production styles of Sable & Batalion, Joe Barrucco and Julien Lacaille. The album also features guest artists, including R'n'B diva Nicole Leach, traditional jazz vocalist Terra Hazelton, emcee Red-I Knight (a.k.a. Kevin Gillese), trumpet-player Aaron Shragge, the Voodoo Jazz horn section, drummer Josh Trager, and more! Sable & Batalion is the writing/performing duo of Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion: Friends since they were little, Sable & Batalion have been a creative collaboration for over 11 years to date. The duo is best known for their award-winning work in musical theatre and hip-hop-based comedy, including their critically-acclaimed smash hit retelling of the Biblical story of Job through hip-hop: JOB: The Hip-Hop Musical. Originally from Montreal, they have performed in over 17 cities worldwide, including an Off-Off Broadway run in New York City, the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. Sable & Batalion performed as the Grafenberg All-Stars at the 2004 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and rocked the mic at the Best of the Uptown Comics (hosted by Orlando Jones), World Stupidity Awards (hosted by Lewis Black), and Talk of the Fest.

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The Lingo
Providence, RI

The Lingo has been playing together since the winter of 2000. Over time, the Lingo's sound morphed from instrumental funk rock into more aggressive, vocally charged rock-pop. In effort to create a unique new sound without guitar-power, a number of distorted keyboard and bass effects have become standard Lingo noises. Unique instrumentation and a powerful sound give The Lingo a modern flavor that is sometimes funky, sometimes moody, and other times punky and sarcastic. These three lead vocalist/songwriters combine wide musical backgrounds with a modern attitude to make the Lingo one of the more talented and interesting bands to hit the scene. A fan was recently believed to have described the band by saying, "These guys f&kin' rock." But don't take his word for it. Take mine. Like the Buddha in Thailand himself once said.... In Lingo we trust.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Originated as an acoustic-folk trio called Beyond All Reason in 2001... Powerful and soulful lead vocals echoed by elegant yet powerful harmonies ring in the forefront of the music. Diverse yet familiar driving acoustic-electric guitar sounds then form the basis along with beat driven bass and funk-jazz percussion. Recently receiving a grant from Pittsburgh's Sprout Fund through the help of Liz Berlin of Rusted Root at Mr. Small's Theater, the band has recorded their debut full length album. Consisting of a diverse collection of style, something new is offered from track to track. Funk, Jazz, and Reggae beats back the rock force of the music, creating what the band calls Groove Rock. It resembles but doesn't replicate their influences, being Dispatch, Dave Matthews Band, Vertical Horizon, and Ben Harper. Soulpatch plays all over the Pittsburgh area expanding into the rest of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and the eastern part of Pennsylvania.

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Providence, RI
An amalgam of folk, rock, and punk, Ophelia delivers a rich soundscape that fresh, zany, and original. The current cd showcases the band's chops and songsmith penchant, recorded when the trio was still in high school. Regardless of what the future brings for these now graduates, the debut album definitely captured a moment in time, a fleeting memory, and a sound to which we can still all nod our heads.

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